Clean, bug free code

AnimalBook is developed simply with just Javascript and HTML. This means no bugs, and no errors.

Easy & quick to install

The neat thing about Google Chrome extensions is that they're just a few clicks to install before you help create a better online community!

No personal data tracked!

Animal Book does not keep track of any user data, so your privacy is protected.

Features & Examples

Replace user profile pictures with cute animals!

This allows you to keep your responses and interactions unbiased, and pleasantly reminds you to keep the online community a more inclusive space.

Not a fan of puppies? Kittens are cute too!

* We are also have baby rabbits, baby ducks, baby elephants, baby alpacas, etc.

Easy to use menu

With 3 different categorical options and over 20 pictures that AnimalBook will choose from, you will never get bored of AnimalBook's replacement pictures of cute baby animals!

AnimalBook works in all profile pictures in your news feed

This includes comments!

The Science Backed Idea:

Research supports the notion that viewing cute baby animal pictures boosts productivity

Not only does the article state that it boosts productivity, it improved the mood of the people who looked at cute animal baby pictures. An overall better mood when browsing social media makes the online community a happier place for everyone.

Oregon State has shown that pictures can influence on how others perceive you, especially if you're a woman.

People who use AnimalBook won't instantly judge someone on their looks on Facebook. Oregon State University has shown how women who pose more revealing photos of themselves on social media, specifically Facebook, were marked less competent than fellow women who did not have revealing photos as their profile pictures